In 2006, "I.O.U. Pet Care", formerly known as "Pet Passions Sitting Services", sprung to life. A passion for fostering homeless dogs and watching them reap the benefits of living in a home environment instead of a shelter/kennel, helped Martha Dunne envision and establish a second home for “canines on vacation”. Implementing the same concept of incorporating a homeless dog into their family, Pet Passions Sitting Services came to be.  

 April 10th, 2015, they closed on a new "Home Away From Home" utilizing the home for boarding, daycare and training. How exciting!!!! The new facility is now called "Inner Outer Utopia Pet Care or " I.O.U. Pet Care". 




A visit to a local kennel, the siting of a gorgeous Norwegian Elkhound puppy, excitement ensued bringing him home; formal training followed. She named him Kaiser. Shortly after, while volunteering at the local SPCA, the family adopted a girlfriend for Kaiser and named her Mia. Three months later, the Dunnes opened their home to homeless dogs, fostering for various rescues and shelters throughout the tri-state area. In a decade, hundreds of dogs were re-homed some needing rehabilitating.   In 2006 Martha established  a dog walking/pet sitting service and called it Pet Passions Sitting Services. She studied and attended workshops on dog behavior, dog training and first aid for pets and continued volunteering at local shelters. By 2007, they renovated their home to incorporate boarding and daycare-"Home Away from Home"  for canines on vacation while still maintaining outside services for cats, caged pets and other critters. More than one thousand dogs later and hundreds of cats and critters, she has expanded by recently purchasing the Poconos only first whole entire "house" (not a kennel) for canines on vacation called, "Inner Outer Utopia Pet Care".

She is certified in dog training knowledge through Catch Canine Trainers Academy. Martha believes in positive reinforcement training and employs it with all dogs she works with, including her own. 




  • A home with furniture and people and love-not a kennel with concrete floors and walls
  • Huge fenced in yards-3 yards for dogs with different energy levels, play style and needs. One yard is a mud free area for wet days
  • ​Humans to keep them company, provide TLC
  • Basic obedience-reward based, force free training incorporated into their days
  • The guarantee that your dog will be treated like one of our own​
  • ​When possible, an assessment of every furry visitor we house
  • An introduction into the pack slowly and carefully
  • Honesty about your dog's behavior while you're away and possible solutions and suggestions when negative behaviors arise

​Please don't forget to read our FAQ/Policy.



I.O.U. the time to  help you understand my language
I.O.U. the time and training to help you become acclimated to my world which is foreign to you
I.O.U. all provisions to keep you healthy, strong-physically and emotionally
I.O.U.  opportunities to spend time with your own kind if that is what you desire
I.O.U. respect and consideration, by educating myself to understand the beautiful, unique creature you are- 

how you communicate, how you love, how you feel and what is and what is not natural to you

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